• Most Ultra Modern “ISO 9001-2000 CERTIFIED” Largest 100 bedded Hospital in North India
  • 1st Fresh Oxygen Generation Plant in India
  • 1st Webcam Based ICU for NRI’s to watch their Patient’s Progress Online Worldwide
  • Fully Hygienic Pantry and Canteen for Fresh & Healthy Food
  • Five Ultra Modern Operation Theatres with Separate Air Handling Units For Each Theatres to Avoid Cross Contamination
  • Cath Lab for Cardiac and Peripheral Interventional Work
  • High Tech ICU with Latest Equipment
  • Special HEPA Filters to Avoid Infection
  • Vibrant and pro-active Infection Control Team, Who Take Stringent Measures to thwart Infection
  • Fully Computerized High Tech World-Class Pathological Laboratory
  • Multislice Spiral CT Scanner Capable of Complete Body Scanning
  • Fully Computerized High Tech Diagnostic Wing with Color Doppler, Ultrasound, EEG, TMT, ECG, X-Ray etc


Ready to launch a highly customized, technologically advanced, and yet doctors, patient, and user friendly tele-medicine system across its network of hospital, that can capture and transmit of images over mobile phones of doctors. Mann Mediciti Super Specialty Hospital tele-medicine software developed by a leading software firm in Jalandhar recently won the glad medal in the laureates category in the Computer World Honors Program. Mann Mediciti Super Specialty Hospital has also developed images on phone product, which enables doctors to see MRI/CT, reports on their mobile phone.

State of Art IT:

Information technology infrastructure—State-of-art, fully customized, and home built ERP-Enterprise; resource planning solution----multiple entity management capable with real time integration between operations and enterprise.