Code of Conduct

Mann Mediciti is committed to uphold its value in all endeavours and shall partner with business associated who believe in and promote similar values.


Mann Mediciti believes in creating, sustaining and growing successful businesses based on quality products and services; value to customers; partnership with employees and other stakeholders; ethical practices and good corporate citizenship.


Mann Mediciti is committed to fostering the universal causes of Environmental Protection, Human Rights and Health for all. Mann Mediciti shall strive to contribute actively to these causes where possible and, minimally, shall ensure that no sphere of its activity impacts detrimentally upon any of these causes.


Mann Mediciti is committed to contribute to the economic and social development of India. It shall strive to align its activities to the economic development and foreign policies, objectives and priorities of the nation’s government and conduct its business affairs within the legal and statutory framework.


Mann Mediciti shall actively engage in, and contribute to, improving the quality of life of people in the communities in which it operates, through specifically identifies initiatives. It shall also encourage and support volunteer activities for community service by its employees.


Mann Mediciti shall actively engage with policy makers and industry associations towards developing the regulatory framework of the industry, establishing quality benchmarks for products and services and promoting ethical business and trade practices.


Mann Mediciti shall position the customer as the central focus of all its business activities and providing value to customers as its central premise. It shall provide high quality products and services towards meeting identified needs and requirements of its customers and strive to continually upgrade the benchmarks of customer value and experience.

Mann Mediciti shall adhere to the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour in creating and developing its relationships with customers.


Mann Mediciti recognizes its people as the key source and drivers of its endeavours. It is committed to upholding its core HR values in all dealings with employees and other significant associates – human dignity, respect, trust and empowerment.

Mann Mediciti shall be an equal opportunity employer, with merit being the prime consideration in both recruitment and advancement, and will not discriminate on the basis of race, caste, religion or sex. It will be an affirmative action employer and will actively foster diversity in employment.

Mann Mediciti shall demand, demonstrate and promote professional behaviour and respectful treatment of all employees.

Mann Mediciti shall provide a safe, healthy, gender-unbiased and supportive work environment to its employees, free from any type of harassment, sexual or otherwise, physical or verbal abuse or intimidation.

Mann Mediciti shall provide opportunities for, and support employees in exploring, developing and utilizing their potential and acquiring new knowledge and skills.


Mann Mediciti recognizes that suppliers are important contributors to its business activities and is committed to partnering suppliers in mutually beneficial and respectful relationships. Mann Mediciti shall comply with agreements and conditions of engagement with suppliers, in letter and spirit.


Mann Mediciti and its employees shall not offer or give any Hospital funds or properly as donation to any government agencies or their representatives, directly or through intermediaries, in order to obtain a favourable decision in any matter.


Mann Mediciti shall comply with all applicable, international, national and local laws and regulations impacting upon various aspects of its business activities, in letter and spirit.


Mann Mediciti shall respect the Intellectual Property Rights and shall maintain full confidentiality of any medical, scientific or clinical data generated by it, which may be proprietary in nature, for its sponsors/clients.


Mann Mediciti believes in sustainable development and is committed to best practices in environmental matters, Mann Mediciti shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in conducting its business affairs. It shall prevent wasteful use of natural resources and minimize any hazardous impact of development, production, use and disposal of its products and services on the environment.


Mann Mediciti attaches great importance to a healthy and safe work environment. Mann Mediciti shall provide good physical working conditions and encourage high standards of hygiene and housekeeping. The Hospital shall ensure training of employees to increase safety awareness and adoption of safe working practices to prevent workplace accidents and minimize occupational health hazards.


Employees are expected to carry out Hospital's business with professionalism, honesty and integrity, displaying high moral standards and ethical business practices, and without in any manner, compromising the interests of the Hospital.


Employees shall always keep the interests of the customers in the forefront of their activities and give them top priority. They are expected to interact with customers with a high degree of respect and in the spirit of services. Employees shall not accept/give any gifts, monetary or non-monetary, from/to customers.


Employees shall not disclose or use any confidential information gained in the course of association with the Hospital, for personal gain or for the advantage of any other person. No information shall be provided to the press, other publicity media or any other external agency, formally or informally, expect within approved policies.


It is expected that all employees will adhere to and promote the Mann Mediciti Code of Conduct, in letter and spirit, and will be committed to building up the image, reputation and business of the Hospital.

Any instance of non-adherence to, or potential violation of, the Code should be brought to the attention of the immediate reporting superior or nominated authority and shall be addressed appropriately.