About Us

About Us

Mann Mediciti Super Speciality Hospital Jalandhar is a name to reckon with when it comes to health care. It is a well known institution with a cutting edge, multidisciplinary capabilities & state of the art facilities. We aim to deliver medical care with the best of healthcare practices with competence and compassion.

The institution today is a 100 bedded, Super-Specialty hospital providing primary to tertiary medical care in all departments. With a breathtakingly modern and superbly functional ambience along with technically superior & high quality competent Medicare, it epitomizes the future of medicine. The services of this leading health care facility are sought by more than 10,000 patients every year.

Clinical excellence has been Mann Mediciti Super Specialties Hospital’s passion and forte all along, moreover we have always pursued what is best for the patient. We have been able to attract world class doctors who share this vision, helping us set up new benchmarks in clinical care.

Dr. J.S. Mann
M.D.( Senior Cardiologist)

"Mann Mediciti Hospital is Making Revolution in Healthcare by Making Specialty Healthcare a Truly Available, Accessible, and Affordable Healthcare Program Across North India and parts of India."

Healthcare organizations around the world want to create environment that focus on quality, safety and continuous improvement, and our endeavor is to provide unmatched quality and safety throughout the stay in the hospital. Our clinical and administrative teams have set very high standards in various areas to upgrade our processes of clinical care and service delivery. Mann Mediciti Super Specialties Hospital a leading healthcare consultant in North India has a vision of "creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in North India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care". From the pursuit of this mission emanates a passion to excel.

At Mann Mediciti Super Specialties Hospital we have assembled the finest talents in medicine, be they doctors, nurses or technicians, and even management professionals across a wide spectrum. Enabling them to deliver the highest quality of healthcare are state-of-the art facilities and support infrastructure at our Hospitals.

Mann Mediciti Super Specialties Hospital is one of the leading Hospitals in Jalandhar and a leader in healthcare consultancy in North India which are benchmarked to International standards - achieving quality through the relentless adherence to the protocols observed in some of the world's leading hospitals.


  • Cohesive co-existence with local Medical community approach
  • To be a referral center and not a routine center
  • Demolish the myth that super specialty health care is not affordable to the common man
  • Making specialty health care available, accessible, and affordable
  • To run the hospital as a health care enterprise and not in a narrow sense as a hospital

Key Success Factors

Mann Mediciti Super Specialty Hospital’s key success factors include its single minded focus on specialty health care to cohesively co-exist with the local doctors, mandatory local doctor involvement in all its projects, business to business relationship with clinics and nursing homes, customized community centric programs, dedicated and directed patient, flow funnel, closeness to patient presence, and open door doctors practice policy.

Path-Breaking Initiatives in Health Care :

  • Non-invasive CT coronary based preventive health package through networked marketing method.
  • Loyalty Program-Health Friend.
  • Community Based health insurance.
  • Pilot Loyalty Card Program linked to the preventive health packages.


  • Joint initiative with a leading Education Group Based in Jalandhar
  • FCMG Company alliance to take health care to where it really matters
  • A pioneering scheme for getting one’s CT/MRI done only during the day and/or during normal working hours

Introducing New Equipment

Mann Mediciti Super Specialty Hospital has introduced flagship pioneering product-a non-invasive coronary CT angiogram based preventive health packages, inclusive of nearly 15 test and two counseling sessions. It is a trendsetter product that has brought about a paradigm change in the Indian health care scenario, where this technique is used as a screening process in persons aged above 35, to detect any heart related problem and take corrective action. Currently the world’s largest numbers of coronary CT angiogram on a single machine daily are done using latest technology.